EVA Re-used Indoor Wall Paint


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- story by RIGO Verffabriek


With EVA recycled wall paint, Rigo Paint Factory brings a very useful wall paint of venerable quality to the market. It consists of 97 – 99% unused paint leftovers.

Some 10% of all wall paint sold in the Netherlands remains unused in the cupboard under the sink or on the upper shelf in the shed, ultimately to end as chemical waste in the combustion furnace. Considering the loss of valuable base materials in terms of quantity, this is a waste.

Rigo’s drive to develop durable products if possible enabled them as the first paint manufacturers in the Netherlands to save paint leftovers from the incinerator. They did this in close co-operation with SITA (recycling services) and VVVF (Paint Manufacturers’ Association), turning the paint leftovers into new paint. Herewith Rigo prevents the combustion of valuable base materials and convert them for venerable new use. EVA is a Dutch acronym for Stop Wasting.

A Life Time Assessment (LCA) has shown that re-use of wall paint leftovers yields a considerable environmental profit.

  • Every 10-litre of EVA Re-used wall paint saves an average 50 kg CO2 emissions.
  • Every 10-litre of EVA Re-used wall paint saves 500 km car kilometres (fuel, emissions, wear).
  • Re-using wall paint leftovers instead of burning them, gives an overall environmental saving of 72%.

Co-operation with SITA
Waste collector SITA collects paint leftovers all over the Netherlands. These are assorted, purified, filtered and laboratory tested. This results in a qualitatively valuable base material that is processed by Rigo Paint Factory into a useful and easy to use professional wall paint. This paint is continuously tested for quality and user safety on a scale of properties and components.

EVA Re-used Indoor Wall paint is an ideal product for application on most substrates to be treated with wall paint. The paint is scrub resistant, user-friendly with excellent coverage and opaqueness. It is available in RAL 9010 colour. The material is available in 10-litre containers.

Material Properties