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This innovative material from 3form is a modular system for window screens and space dividing applications. Called the Facet, the triangular structure allows designers to play with light and shadow. It uses 3D elements that rotate separately. Each element has 360 degree freedom so that any number of patterns are possible. The ease of use means that they are interactive too. Facet is made from high quality sustainable materials that can be fully recycled.

The material is made of high quality polycarbonate, nylon and aluminium. These constituents make recycling easier, so that the product doesn’t end up as waste. All parts and materials are easy to disconnect and separated for individual recycling. The polycarbonate can be fully reworked, or upcycled, into a new product.

From screens to centre pieces, the idea of the manufacturers is to bring a new dimension to interior space design. The modular system uses five components, meaning that production is efficient and the material is simple to install and use. It is very light weight, at around 4,5 kg/m2. The plastic used is sourced sustainably, and is both UV resistant and antistatic, as well as fire retardant.

Presently, the material is available only in white.

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