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Faux Translucent Stone

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Faux Translucent Stone is a surprising collection of extremely elegant and highly attractive “natural” translucent materials for interior use. The translucent stones are not just imitations of Alabaster or Onyx. They are much more. These sheets have each an individual and nicely balanced beauty that makes them a warm and timeless element in every interior: hotels, retail, offices, spas, airports, hospitals, restaurants and many others, either as furniture, (backlighted) wall or as a lighting instrument. This trendy and innovative product is very well suited for a variety of vertical and horizontal applications in modern as well as in classical art-deco style interiors. PyraSied has a rapidly growing stock of this very high quality sheetmaterial.

Important features
• A beautiful diffuse translucency together with the natural look makes the material perfect when backlighted.
• The sheets weight significantly less than real natural stone.
• Sheets can be warmbent in radii from 600 mm (10 mm thickness).
• Easy to process; glueing, milling, drilling and sanding.
• This material is highly price-competative compared to real translucent stones.
• Easy to clean and maintain.
• The chemical resistance is very good.
• The sheets have an excellent color stability for inside use and reasonable for outside use.
• Excellent fire behaviour: class Bs1d0 according to European norm 13501.

Material Properties