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Flash Line is the first CO2 negative microtuft product measured from cradle-to-gate. Flash Line is part of Interface’s first portfolio of CO2 negative carpet tiles, which also includes the three new designs Zen Stitch™, Tokyo Texture™ and Shishu Stitch™ from the Embodied Beauty™ collection. The compact microtuft carpet tile requires less yarn to be produced thanks to the use of special yarns and a unique tufting process. The microtuft carpet tile is also made with 100% recycled yarn and contains 86% recycled and biobased materials. Flash Line comes standard with the new CQuest™ BioX backing.

Flash Line enables architects and designers to create a unique flooring solution that helps reduce the carbon footprint of the spaces they design, while maintaining a classic, minimalist look. The product is available in three basic shades; mid-price, anthracite gray and black. To ensure that the floor matches any design palette, the base colours can be combined with one of eight colourways, ranging from contemporary shades such as magenta, terracotta and mint, to the softer influences of beige and grays. In addition, Flash Line’s low pile construction works seamlessly with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and nora® rubber floors.

The 25 cm x 1 m plank system, installed using the bluestone or herringbone method, also offers multiple design options. Due to the low-pile construction and excellent sound-absorbing properties of carpet tiles, the product is also very suitable for open spaces with many pedestrians.

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