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Florim Solutions is the Italian market leader in ceramic façade systems. Lord and master of façade cladding with a certified and ventilating suspension system. The possibilities vary: wall plates up to a size of 3200×1600 cm and a choice of more than ten thousand designs. Applicable to all buildings with a concrete or timber frame, in which sustainability, circularity and aesthetics play the leading role in the design. Because there is an increasing demand for prefab façade solutions in non-residential construction, the choice for ceramic façade cladding is obvious.

Based on an aluminum frame (various systems possible), which is applied to the outside of a building, large ceramic plates (slabs) are mounted using screw connections and clips. There is a calculated distance between frame and tile for ventilation.

Thermal benefits

  • Heat stays inside (winter)
  • Heat stays outside (summer)
  • Ventilation keeps the wall dry


  • Product properties of ceramics
  • Great design flexibility for the architect
  • Simple and fast system installation
  • Little risk for the contractor
  • Independent of other materials in the facade shell: think of various types of insulation panels
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation
  • Easily replaceable
  • Florim has the necessary certificates: proven system, many practical examples

Material Properties