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Féline’s felt collections as specially developed for interior design and product applications. Therefore, the wool felt collection is available in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses.

Depending on your application, the felt can be produced with different types of backing materials and treatments.

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All Féline felts are produced with respect to nature. No use of water or drying machines in the felting process. This saves a lot of energy.

This material is made from natural wool.

Wool felt is highly flame retardant, and is self-extinguishing. This textile has great sound-dampening properties, is temperature regulating and dirt and moisture repellent. It is non-woven fabric and therefore does not fray.

The wool used for the Fresco collection complies with the voluntary responsible wool standard. This standard strives for optimal animal welfare, land management and traceability. Aiming for optimal circumstances for the animals and the land.

Mulesing free wool
All wool, used in Féline wool felt collections, is certified mulesing free wool.

Acoustic wall covering
The wool wall covering collections are specially designed to use Féline’s felt for wall and ceiling applications. All the felt can be produced into acoustic wall covering. This backing makes the felt easier and faster for application to the wall. The wool felt is available in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. Only water-based and biodegradable glue is used to produce the felt wall covering.

Click here to the learn more about the acoustic wall covering collections.

Féline Glue Eco Forte
Process the felt with respect for nature and use Féline’s water-based and biodegradable glue. This glue is also suitable for processing the thicker and heavier felt and the acoustic wall coverings.


  • Walls, ceilings, panels, upholstery, lampshades.
  • Available thicknesses: 2 mm, 3 mm and 4.5mm.
  • A large part of the materials are directly available from stock.
  • Composition: natural wool (90% WO/10% PL).

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