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FX Sheeting (design Mother of Pearl and Abalone) is made from a patented process that molecularly bonds a thin layer of metal to the back of a sheet of Lexan. Lexan is clear polycarbonate, so the metal is able to shine through. The metal layer is backed by a acrylic-based adhesive, which protects the metal and allows the sheeting to be bonded to the surface.
FX Sheeting is applicable to any smooth substrate. Unlike traditional sheets of rigid metal, it does not require special skills or tools to install. FX Sheeting is lightweight and flexible, around 1 mm thick, allowing it to be easily wrapped around edges or corners by hand.
Two different types of Lexan are used in creating FX Sheeting. The first is used for creating Mirror versions, the second version is made with a “brushed” texture so to feel like a brushed metal.

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