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Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a composite of eminent micro-concrete and alkali-resistant glass fibres. These AR-glass fibres are especially developed for application in concrete, unlike other glass fibres, a sufficient resistance against the very alkaline environment of cement bound concrete. This makes it possible to produce durable building materials possessing a high ability to bear. GFRC enables the creation of thin, filigree, lightweight building parts, which are impossible to make in ordinary or prefab concrete. These characteristics are very practical for manufacturing façade elements. Micro-concrete is very closed en possess a good weather resistance, ideal for outdoor usage.

The surface of GFRC can be treated with several methods, for example sandblasting, grinding and polishing. These techniques will show the grain-structure or gain a matted surface. Besides this colour changes, normal for concretes, are equalized.

FydroFacade elements enable architects to design facades not distinguished from ordinary concrete, but much lighter. Fydro BV works on project basis, which lets the architect free to choose any structure and colour he wants for his building. FydroFacade elements are next to usage for new projects also suitable for renovation projects.

Elements by Fydro have a thickness between 8 and 25mm and a maximum size of 1.250×4.000mm. Bigger and thicker plates are available on request. Four standard structures are available but Fydro also creates custom-made, coarse structures like bamboo, plaster, wood and gravel in its in-house mould factory.

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