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Glaskeramik (glass ceramic) is made entirely out of industrial waste glass. In the production process, scrap flat glass is transformed into glass granulates in a controlled process. The glass granulates are sintered in a patented sintering process, without the need for pressure or binding additives, using only temperature. Subsequently, the sintered panels are placed into cooling hoods and cooled under controlled conditions. In the finishing process, the raw panels are calibrated. On request they can be polished and then cut to the required size.

This glass ceramic material is almost 100% recyclable. The surface of the slabs, on exiting the ovens, is naturally patinated and textured, diffusing light in a half reflection.

The tiles are available in the sizes:

  • 2780 x 1250 mm and 3500 x 1500 mm patinated finish
  • 2700 x 1200 mm and 3450 mm x 1450 mm polished
  • in thickness of 16 mm to 30 mm.

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