Glaze & Glamour


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This material is no longer available.

Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries is recognised as the world’s greenest tannery. This material is an innovation in leather which can makes a design difference to lovers of the 80’s. The flashy leather is called Glaze & Glamour.
Hulshof’s Glaze & Glamour line is a pretty collection of leathers with various pigments, from gold to pearl and platinum colours. Thanks to a special treatment, the Glaze and Glamour material shines in many different colours under the influence of the ambient light. Thanks to the use of recent developments in tanning techniques, the leather has a beautiful grain structure and a soft and supple feel to the hand. The material can add aesthetic and tactile value to the modern interior. It presents a touch of glamour to the user and a fascinating experience in shade variations to any viewer. The Hulshof leather is intended for intensive use and can give a luxurious touch to leisure and hospitality settings.

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