Glazed bricks with endless variation


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Have a look at the extensive options of glazed bricks from Wienerberger to design a unique façade. Glazed brick captures light, reflects light and creates a powerful surface. Textures, gloss levels, colours, metallics: the possibilities are endless.

Choose from tailor made solutions or from three inspiring series: Pearl, Mineral and Crystal.

Pearl: basic colours with a pearl effect
The smooth glazed bricks of the Pearl series are produced in nine basic colours with an exceptional pearl effect, which ensures a softer radiance. The Pearl series fits the market trend of more nuanced façades up to even colourful façades in which the individual bricks seems to naturally link into each other.

Mineral: robust with a natural look
The Mineral series consist of a selection of cool and robust looking glazed bricks in five standard colours: red, brown, blue, green and orange/yellow. The semi-transparent glazing allows it to interact nicely with the colour of the basic brick. The irregularities in the brick are visible and palpable through the glazing. This gives an image of rough unprocessed materials that just seem as if they came straight from nature.

Crystal: solid colours with luxurious high gloss effect
The Crystal series consists of a selection of smooth glazed bricks in powerful and solid colours with a luxurious high-gloss effect. The core product range consists of the primary colours red, blue, yellow and green with white and black as additions.

Tailor-made solutions: everything is possible
Next to these series, Wienerberger can develop a unique look on a project basis. There is also a choice from a rich palette of colours, colour nuances, textures, effects and gloss levels. But a lot is also possible in brick shapes.

Lifetime choices
Glazed bricks are exceptionally wear-resistant and low maintenance, produced for an extremely long lifespan.

Wienerberger uses only unleaded glaze for glazing bricks. Wienerberger’s years of development and experience enable Wienerberger to produce 100% lead-free glazed bricks of high quality. Glazed bricks are fired at high temperatures to guarantee an excellent bonding of the glaze. In most cases, this is done according to the single-firing process: the most energy-efficient production manner for glazed bricks.


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