GRC – Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete


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GRC is a composite material produced by reinforcement of a cementitious matrix with alkali resistant glass fibres. It can be produced in different grades, according to its flexural strength, and therefore its range of application is very wide. In its basic form, it is used to produce simple ornamental items; while in its high-tech version, it is the preferred construction material to produce large, thin-walled structural elements of very complex shapes.

GRC recipes around the world are standardised, with very few differences from one producer to another. White cement is widely used due to its highly aesthetic value, for which the whiteness is a key parameter, principally because allows the producer to obtain the desire color and surface finish.

AW cement is recommended for GRC production due to its high whiteness, strength, low alkali content and the unique possibility to bring technical assistance in this specific application to customers around the world.

The growth in the use of GRC has been and continues very strong, especially in the last decade; due to both, its remarkable flexural properties that allows to construct very challenging shapes and the fact that it does not require an excessively sophisticated production plant.

Without any doubts GRC is the architect’s dream material, capable of materialising their more extraordinary and stunning projects into reality.

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