Green Blade veneer


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Green Blade is a veneer made from banana fibres, developed as an alternative to wood veneer. Every year, 32 million acres of natural forest disappear (34 soccer fields per minute) while 24 million acres of banana trees are available globally and fully renewable twice a year.

Green Blade is a sliced veneer, hand-assembled without splicing, and ready for application (1250x2500mm) with a horizontal or vertical grain for architecture. Available in 10 colours, it is available on a non-woven backing or Kraft paper, as well as on MDF and acoustic board with all kinds of finishes.

At the end of the banana plants 9-month life cycle, they die and grow again from their bulb. FibandCo buys the unwanted trunks from the banana farmers.  This waste product from a renewable and abundant resource is being utilised to make a more sustainable alternative to wood veneer. The process for creating Green Blade uses no water or glue and the factory runs on solar energy.


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