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Greencast recycled acrylic


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Greencast is an extremely high-quality cast (clear) acrylic that is completely made from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic. Greencast is a cast acrylic with all the good properties of cast PMMA / Plexiglas. Cast acrylic is optically more pure than extruded acrylic and is available in more different colours and thicknesses. Due to the casting production method, the sheet has some thickness tolerance.

Recycled clear acrylic is very optically pure sheet material and very easy to work with. Greencast is the most sustainable and especially green choice in the acrylic world. Greencast acrylic is optically very pure material and is UV-resistant. Colours other than the stock types can be cast with a certain minimum order quantity. So, all good reasons to choose recycled Greencast!

PyraSied has Greencast 100% recycled acrylic in stock in clear (thickness 3mm – 20 mm) a variety of 25 different colours in 3, 5 and 8mm. White is available from the factory stock. Also, the translucent colours can be made out of acrylic that is completely recycled. Please get into contact with the sales department for the possibilities of Greencast acrylic. You can send an email to

Greencast acrylic can be used for the same applications as for ‘virgin’ acrylic. (Recycled) acrylic is often used as secondary windows, temporary glazing, indoor glazing, showcases, displays, protective covers, furniture, wall presentations or as other optically pure sheet material. Greencast material is less suitable for very demanding optical applications such as light guide plates.

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