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This material is no longer available.

The bases of Greenwalls consist of flame retardant and water resistant panelling made of special 9mm thick C2C certified wood (black as standard). Tufts of Norwegian reindeer moss are individually fixed to this wood. Reindeer moss has excellent natural acoustics characteristics.
Reindeer moss is an organism, which is accustomed to exposure to permafrost and can survive without light or water. Because they are made up of active organisms, Greenwalls don’t require any maintenance, and are not affected by dust. They will look brand new for years. After some time, the reindeer moss will dry. To return it to its soft state, simply spray some water onto it. This will soften the reindeer moss, release a lovely fragrance and will also improve the area’s humidity. Greenwalls are available in 24 different colours, so you can create personal colour combinations.
The moss panels can be installed as walls, ceilings or room dividers. Standard panel dimensions are 120cm x 100cm and they can be supplied in any preferred shape.

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