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GRP Grates


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Polygrate and Vikugrate are originally developed as materials for industrial walkways and staircases. Instead of the ordinary materials like steel and aluminium, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is used to produce these grates.

The advantages are clear:
– non-corrosive
– relatively lighter
– high chemical resistance
– high fire resistance
– low maintenance because of colouring the material instead of surface

For the production of Vikugrate, fibreglass strings are placed in a mould after which a resin is added. The grates contain 35% glass and 65% resin. Vikugrate with square and rectangular meshes provides a bilateral support direction. This makes it possible to pierce the material at several places, keeping a sufficient strength. The higher strength also enables a larger volume of traffic, so suitability is broader than security walkways and staircases. Vikugrate is available with an optional fixed plate on top of the grate or at both sides, creating a sandwich panel. Thicknesses between 25 and 55mm, openings between 19 and 100mm. Maximum size of the panels is 3660×1220.

Polygrate is the pultruded version of GRP grates by Vink Kunststoffen BV. The higher percentage of glass (75%) enables bridging larger distances. The grate contains I-beams and pultruded connection profiles, generating the very high stiffness. Thickness is 30 or 38 mm, size of panels is 1000x2400mm. The length is the direction of support. Opening of the mesh is between 14,5 and 29,5mm. Both Vikugrate and Polygrate come with an anti-slip surface.

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