Handcrafted Haku Kenpu wallpaper


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The handcrafted Haku Kenpu wallpaper is made with pride and devotion, gilding ultra-thin genuine metal leaves, applied one-by-one, using chopsticks, onto special Japanese ‘washi’ paper. Once the precious metal leaves are amalgamated, a layer of the finest Tomioka silk and a natural protecting veneer is applied to secure a unique textured design. The colour and shininess are decided by the varnishing and alloys used (gold, platinum, silver, brass, aluminium, tin); the custom colour and design possibilities are limitless.

Thanks to a unique natural transparent lacquer, the material remains protected and consistent over time, it does not oxidise, it preserves its colour fastness and radiance. The result, an easy-to-install, sophisticated and reliable wall covering that reflects the light beautifully. By virtue of its extraordinary handcrafted production process and the use of natural ingredients, subtle variations will emerge from every lot: even a sample may slightly differ from the actual material ordered.

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