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The award-winning HeartFelt® modular felt system for ceilings and walls, developed by Hunter Douglas Architectural, can now be used in even more settings, thanks to the launch of a baffle ceiling version.

Following the successful launch of HeartFelt® ceilings in 2016, for which it won a Red Dot Award, and walls in 2019, Hunter Douglas Architectural has evolved its innovative product further, providing architects, interior designers and specifiers with yet another high-quality design choice from its portfolio of products.

Like the ceilings and walls, lightweight HeartFelt® baffles are made from non-woven thermoformed PES fibres and are FR tested to B-S1, d0. Each baffle panel measures 40 to 100 mm in width and are available in 100-500mm height, with a maximum length of 2000 mm.

HeartFelt®’s excellent acoustic properties also remain unchanged with the new panel dimensions and module measurements, with even more flexibility in acoustic design, depending on size and quantity of baffles per m².

HeartFelt® baffles are available in five shades of grey, from white to black, and being dirt- and dust-resistant means they are easy to maintain. The baffles are installed on a newly developed combi-carrier system, with each panel being attached with steel clips that click into the carrier rail. Panels are locked with a sliding clip on each connection, with three options of no end cap, folded end cap or separate endcap to close baffle.

HeartFelt® Baffles won the 2020 Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category.

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