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Honai Fog


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With the Honai Fog from Nature at Home you create a living atmosphere exclusive, natural and unique. The coconut wall tiles are eco-friendly, decorative, stylish and easy to install. This beautiful natural wall covering can also be applied in damp rooms.

The Honai Fog is a mosaic tile of 420 mm x 420 mm where the individual pieces of coconut (30 mm x 30 mm) are glued on a plastic backing. The convex side of the shell is visible. The stonewash treatment has a matte dark brown base colour. The veins are white in colour and the relief is slightly convex. The panels are preferably for interior use. Outdoor application is not possible.

The tiles can best be processed on a dark, straight or round surface and attached to the wall with a flexible sealant or parquet adhesive. For maintenance, a vacuum cleaner, feather duster or duster is enough. This coconut wallcovering is an exotic atmosphere maker and a must for any contemporary interior.

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