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High Pressure Laminate (HPL) has its roots in Bakelite, the synthetic material known for its heat-resistant and electrical insulating properties. This versatile material is now an indispensable part of the interior design world, and that includes Unilin Panels in Oostrozebeke, which manufactures not only melamine panelling but also top quality HPL panelling.

From paper to panelling
“We are in control of the entire production process, from paper to panelling,” says Johnny Maris, HPL Product Manager at Unilin Panels. “HPL is a composite material that consists of both kraft paper and decor paper. First, we impregnate it with resins and then compress the impregnated paper sheets under high pressure and temperature to form homogeneous decorative panels with a closed structure. As we do everything in-house, we can get the most out of this product, both technically and aesthetically.”

3 advantages of Unilin HPL

  • Highly scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and impact-resistant thanks to its strong core.
  • Since the beginning of this year, Unilin offers an anti-viral and anti-bacterial surface as standard, which makes it ideally suited to damp areas (e.g. bathrooms) and other areas with strict hygiene requirements (e.g. hospitals).
  • The entire HPL range is available in perfect colour matching with melamine panelling and edge strips.

Design-driven technology
In 2015, Unilin Panels was the first to launch HPL with a synchronous structure, which perfectly matches the design. Once again, it is pushing its limits. Johnny: “We have been perfecting the look and feel of genuine oak in our new UNILIN Master Oak designs. Its unique patterns and matt finish give it a luxurious appearance. Together with the extraordinary performance of decorative HPL panelling, it makes for a product that masterfully outshines genuine oak. It’s the result of our passion for beautiful things and the smart use of various patented technologies.”

Partner with complete solutions
The extensive range of HPL products can be combined with various base plates (e.g. MDF or chipboard) and is available in different versions with particular qualities (moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, formaldehyde-free).

There are many possible applications, including walls, table tops, furniture, and interior doors. Johnny: “The addition of HPL means that Unilin Panels is a veritable one-stop-shop for interior projects in a wide range of environments such as offices, residential care centres, schools, hotels, laboratories and hospitals.”

Personal adviser
Unilin Panels is more than just a manufacturer: “We are also trusted advisers who support interior design professionals in their projects and provide customised advice,” explains Johnny. “What makes us truly unique is our in-depth specialist knowledge, along with a wide range of decorative panelling products such as HPL panels, melamine panels and decorative MDF. With our passion for excellent product design and outstanding service, we will find the best answer to every question.”

Are you looking for a complete solution for your next project?

NEW: Compact HPL
Since the beginning of this year, Unilin Panels offers you even more, with Compact HPL (solid plastic) as well as white mass-coloured ‘Coloured Core’ Compact HPL. Like all products in the HPL range, Compact HPL has an anti-viral and anti-bacterial surface. The extensive range of designs also offers a high degree of freedom of choice. If you have your own design, that too is possible thanks to Unilin Panels’ digital printing service.

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