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Create playful flooring in a kaleidoscope of colours with Desso Iconic – a new addition to Essentials.

A unique tufting technique gives this tactile carpet tile hidden depths. The layered design brings together two contrasting hues to deliver dramatic, inspirational undertones that cut-through convention.

Inspired by woven textiles, an all-over colour is interjected by concealed lines, which reveal themselves as you walk through the space. A spectrum of 24 neutral shades and striking tones allow you to emphasise energetic open spaces and meeting rooms or create contrasts for zoning.

This material is an opportunity to look at flooring design from a different perspective – offering surprising possibilities for specifiers with a show-stopping solution that demands a double-take.

Iconic carries a positive sustainability message – available only with EcoBase backing, the carpet tile contains 100% up-cycled chalk from local drinking water companies. Thanks to its ECONYL content, Iconic adheres to the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy, containing fully regenerated nylon yarn made from recovered waste materials, such as fishing nets and post-consumer yarn waste, from Desso’s Refinity plant. Completing the Essentials carpet collection, Iconic is truly an archetype of colour, creating an inspiring workplace where creativity, functionality and Cradle to Cradle principles are celebrated.

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