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IDYLIUM, Mineral Stone with the beauty of nature.

IDYLIUM is a new mineral stone that revolutionizes the ceramic sector. IDYLIUM should not be called ceramics as it is a sintered stone. Where ceramics consist of fired clay with a top layer of print, sintered stone is a new technology that imitates nature. It takes hundreds of millions of years for nature to give a stone the beauty it possesses, IDYLIUM makes the same kind of product in less than 90 minutes. That’s why Kayden doesn’t call IDYLIUM ceramics but Mineral Stone. At this moment IDYLIUM has 40 colours which are divided into 5 colour groups.

Mineral Stone is a sintered stone in which grains of material are heated in such a way that they do not melt and parts of the stone adhere to each other in liquid form. The contact points between the grains grow together to form a new hard material. Mineral stone is baked at 1250 degrees Celsius, where in addition to the heating process, also the cooling process is important, in order to remove as much tension from the material as possible.

What are the raw materials?

  • Materials of granite origin. Especially quartz and feldspar. These are the components that give hardness and durability to the material.
  • Glass minerals and silicate. These materials are needed to guarantee perfect chemical stability.
  • Oxides of natural origin. These are used to develop all colour variations.

IDYLIUM is the latest state-of-the-art material produced using advanced and patented technologies, with unparalleled superior properties and aesthetic effects for tailor-made and ambitious projects. Its lightweight, thin size and exclusive and special colours make Idylium ideal for interior and yacht building.

With IDYLIUM Kayden creates environmentally friendly and recyclable surfaces, respecting the environment and the well-being of everyone. In addition, IDYLIUM is the first company in the world that can produce large sheets with continuous cores. A technique unrivalled and unique in the industry.

IDYLIUM is a sustainable product, both for humans and for the ecosystem, from the production process to its use. IDYLIUM contains only natural materials and is free of chemicals. In addition, it is UV and scratch resistant, frost resistant, zero percent porous and resistant to thermal shock.

IDYLIUM can be produced, recycled and disposed of according to sustainability parameters that have never been shown by a synthetic product.

IDYLIUM continuously invests in clean technology in order to contribute to health, safety and environmental protection. In short, thanks to its appearance, technical and physical properties, environmentally friendly character, IDYLIUM is THE product for your project.

IDYLIUM, when a stone is more than a stone!

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