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- story by Kayden Stone & Ceramics


Idylium is the latest hyper material produced using advanced technologies, with unrivalled superior properties and aesthetic effects for customized and ambitious projects. Motivated by high values that drives our professionalism every day, Kayden creates eco-friendly and recyclable surfaces, respecting the environment and the wellbeing of all.

Idylium is the first company worldwide that can produce big slabs with continuous veins. A full body technique completely new in the world of sintered stones.

Kayden is inspired by this imagery to create visionary surfaces, using proprietary technology. The product is sustainable both for human as well as for the ecosystem, from the production process to its use. A design created to measure for unrivalled aesthetics, which gives life to a high-performing and resistant, eternal and healthy product, perfect for any use. Nature inspires Idylium, exceeding it by creating works of design that interpret every lifestyle with no limits. Their commitment and their lifestyle change the way you live.

Exclusive international patents and unique production techniques have created the Idylium collection, with inimitable durability and aesthetics. In fact, thanks to unique and revolutionary production processes, they are able to reach new heights of resistance and colour rendering. A hyper material with a secret recipe that mixes natural raw materials and renews all surfaces. The mineral stone is beautiful, resistant, exceptional. They dress the environments in a pure Italian style: the creative possibilities are infinite thanks to our tailored approach, suiting and satisfying all tastes in any environment. Idylium reinvents nature, creating new and unique design works.

The production process is the only one able to combine 4 different technologies in order to offer a complete, innovative and versatile range of products. Above all, the veining and the high reliefs. Idylium creates veining that crosses the core of in its entirety, providing countertops and furnishings with an unrivalled sensation of realism and they cover walls and floors, providing visual and tactile depth, be it an arabesque texture or an embossed fabric. They are innovative sculptors, they are able to revive the splendour of the most valuable marbles and the perfection of the most sophisticated tapestries without losing sight of material innovation, rather we enhance their technical properties. They unleash these passionate skills in the most natural way: extremely large slabs that find their maximum expression in total look environments where ideas and personalities are affirmed.

True veining in the horizontal and cross-sections of the slab across its entire thickness, up to 30 mm

Ultra-high density, homogeneous depth, plain colour, special inclusions – scales, grains, micronized minerals, metallic powders

High-reliefs and structures with other effects that provide extraordinary depth – up to 30% of the thickness of the slab – made using a press that is unique in the world

Extremely high digital definition, free of imperfections as a result of an extremely versatile cutting-edge plotter.

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