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- story by IVC Commercial


Imperfection brings beauty to life and gives it a soul. This philosophy inspired IVC Commercial to create the Imperfection collection. Grit, Bruut and Rupture, bring natural colours and organic textures. Made with sustainable materials, their superior sound-dampening qualities mean these carpet tiles contribute to the wellbeing of every office and hospitality space.

With characterful simplicity, Grit gives every room soul. The yarn works its way through simple woven structures to reveal subtle imperfections.

Bruut emphasizes the transience of materials by creating a surprisingly raw effect. The pattern evokes exciting dynamics and gives the beauty of a unique character to any space.

Rupture adds merit to the imperfect, bringing life to any space. A golden finish perfects the imperfections in this highly textured design.

Supporting wellbeing in offices and hotels
Imperfection is made with high-quality, sustainable materials that support user wellbeing through good underfoot comfort, impressively quiet acoustics, and pure air quality. These benefits come together for a true sense of comfort in office and hospitality spaces.

A quiet and comfortable carpet tile
All Imperfection carpet tiles come standard with the EcoFlex™ Echo acoustic backing, offering great impact sound insulation and improved sound absorption. Insulating against the sounds of footsteps and the background noise of busy offices and hospitality spaces, EcoFlex™ Echo ensures optimal acoustic performance. With excessive noise known to affect productivity and comfort, offices and hotels using Imperfection are supporting the wellbeing of everyone.

What’s more, IVC Commercial makes this high-performance backing with 94% recycled polyester felt, for a carpet tile that’s not only quiet and comfortable, but more sustainable too.

Regenerated yarn for a sustainable carpet tile: Econyl® – 100% regenerated nylon
The Imperfection collection is made with ECONYL yarn, a performance nylon that’s made from fishing nets, ghost nets, old carpets and fabric scraps. Rescued from all over the world, this waste is regenerated through a depolymerisation process that ensures the same purity and performance features of virgin nylon. This raw nylon is remade into ECONYL carpet yarn and IVC reimagines this into the sustainable Imperfection collection.

Through the quality of ECONYL, IVC Commercial has been able to explore the flaws, marks, blotches and defects of Imperfection to create a premium carpet tile collection that performs beautifully in offices and hospitality spaces.

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