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Acoustic, out-of-the-box and sustainable. Are you looking for an alternative material for that one special interior project? Lampe Eurofelt’s technical felt has a robust appearance and often consists of part wool felt and part other fibers. Why sustainable? The felt has a long lifespan and when used as a design, the material can be completely reused.

Technical felt is not produced according to colour, which means that each batch has a slightly different composition. Every time, this provides beautiful surprises in terms of colour and pattern of the used main materials. The technical felt is therefore a unique product. As a result, technical felt does not have a wide variety of colors, but a wide variety of colour nuances.

In addition to the robustness of the material, felt can also be used very well in spaces where many hard materials are present. The felt provides a more pleasant hearing climate due to the acoustic effect. The thicker the felt, the better the acoustic effect.

Are you looking for an eye-catcher and do you not want the calibrated material? Please contact Lampe Eurofelt, they are happy to help you find that special felt for your project.

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