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A surfacing material like no other. Elegant and sleek with a contemporary matte finish, it feels softer and works harder than anything Formica has made before. What’s more, it can be post-formed to hold a curve giving it endless possibilities.

Matte, no matter what
Formica’s innovative technology has micro-contours on the material surface that diffuses light. This creates a luxurious matte finish, which can add warmth and elegance to any environment.

Irresistibly resistant

As Formica Infiniti is such a pleasure to touch, it makes sense to include anti-finger print technology. It’s the surface that looks good, feels good and stays that way.

Remarkably unmarkable
Formica’s technology protects the surface from finger marks and abrasions making it perfect for horizontal applications in high-traffic, prestigious environments. Furthermore, if abrasions do happen to occur, the surface can be thermally healed, bringing it back to its original appearance.

Perfectly post-formable

Formica’s anti-marking, super matte finish can be post-formed to hold a curve, creating beautiful interiors.

Formica Infiniti is available in 20 decors (HPL & Compact), with 12 decors available in ColorCore.

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