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Innovus Global Collection


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Sonae Indústria, one of the largest wood-based panel producers in the world, is presenting the Innovus® Global Collection; a global and integrated decorative collection of finishes specifically developed for architectural and interior design.

Innovus Global Collection offers more than 250 decorative proposals and also includes a comprehensive range of special products: Innovus Essence, Innovus Colored MDF, Innovus Colored MDF MF, Innovus So Caring, Innovus High Gloss, Innovus Digital, Innovus Unicolor, Innovus Colour Tree.

Innovus Decorative Products can also be supplied with added value properties such as Moisture Resistant, Fire Retardant, Antibacterial and with CARB2, F4*, FSC/PEFC certifications.

The Innovus Global Collection is an integrated decorative solution for a variety of project requirements. Last but not least Innovus gives the opportunity to design and produce a project anywhere in the world, knowing that Innovus will be available.

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