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Colour harmony contributes to well-being. That’s why Tarkett’s new iQ Eminent brings more design flexibility for architects with additional outstanding design options – for a harmonious flooring experience in healthcare, education and other public buildings.

iQ Eminent features a palette of primary and neutral colours completed by shades in natural grey and beige in a distinctive non-directional design with 3D effect. Tarkett has now added six Unisense designs options, coordinated to match the core colourways of the collection but with an adapted chip pattern. This rhythmic colour range enables you to vary project design with different intensity of colour and pattern within the same collection to fit the ambience you want to create – from orienting traffic in walkways to conveying calm in individual rooms or creating contrast from one area to another.

iQ Eminent combines outstanding technical performance with great aesthetics so you can coordinate your project design for the well-being of all users.

Particular feature of iQ eminent include: the iQ Unique Surface Restoration system, excellent life cycle cost performance, extreme durability and excellent flexibility, producted with phthalate-free technology, VOC emissions 100 times lower than the strictest standards in Europe, 100% recyclable and a watertight solution that avoids soiling, improves cleaning efficiency and contributes to hygiene and infection control.

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