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Isoflam is a fireproof composite panel made with skins of fireproof okoumè marine plywood and a core of low-density calcium silicate (containing quartz sand, lime, cellulose and water). This material is ideal for boat compartmentations when B15 Class certification is required.

Due to its fire resistance and lightweight properties (low-density panel: 7,5 kg/m2), Isoflam is widely used to build boat bulkheads and furniture within the boating industry.

Available in standard panel sizes of 2500 x 1220 mm and with a thickness of 25 mm, the okoumè wood skins are easy to work with in terms of cutting, plating and painting.

The Isoflam panel has been certified Class 15 fire retardant by the Commission Directive on marine equipment MED, U.S. Coast Guard with Certificate N° 0987/MED-B/37 and Wheelmark certification No. 0987/MED-D/474.

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