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KAOS by Bencore: A product with a magical effect: The chaotic core diameters of clear straws immediate give a natural association with this transparent, stiff and very light panel. The surprising, exciting and sophisticated multi dynamism makes it very attractive for interior designers. The DARK KAOS designed by Sied Kooistra has a core of black straws: the excitement that this panel creates is immediately felt. The plate inner connexions, when viewed under different angles, are quite alienating and somewhat confusing.
KAOS by Bencore
Material: core polycarbonate straws in 2 diameters, chaotic order, toplayer PETG or acrylic. Standard 5 designs: 2-sided clear gloss; 1 sided satin, 2-sided light gloss, 2-sided satin orange and 2-sided satin green. Material is stiff, very bright, extremely in the optical sense.
To be used in public and wet areas. Easy to maintain and work with. Not suitable for outdoor use. Size: 3015x1000x19 or 21 mm.
Applications: separation walls, furniture, presentation, windows, doors etc.
DARK KAOS by Sied Kooistra
Material: core polycarbonate straws in black, toplayer PETG or acrylic.
Only available in 2-sided glossy. Material is stiff, very light (6.4 kg/m2), attractive, optically active. Applicable in public and wet areas. Easy to maintain and workable. Not for outdoor use. Size: 3015x1000x19 mm. Applications: catering, shop, shop windows,lamps, ceilings etc.

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