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Kebony Radiata

Kebony AS

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Kebony Radiata wood is produced from sustainably managed Radiata pine. Kebony is designed and produced as a real wood, ecologically responsible alternative to tropical hardwoods and traditional, impregnated wood. The name is derived from the process used to treat the wood, Kebonization. This procedure consists of pressure treating the wood with a polymer derived from a liquid extracted from bio waste. This liquid is furfuryl alcohol (C5H6O2). After this process, the wood is heat treated, which permanently modifies the cell structure of the wood by thickening up the cell wall. The result is a product with properties similar to tropical hardwoods in terms of durability, hardness and general look and feel. The wood is dimensionally very stable.

Kebony wood uses 70% FSC certified mixed source wood and bears the Swan label, an ecological label for the Nordic region. The finished material is supplied as a machined or profiled product in a range of dimensions. Applications include decking, cladding, railing, furniture and floors, all of which in either interior or exterior settings. Further advantages include the durability of hardwood and a contemporary aesthetic which nevertheless is environmentally friendly.

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