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Kerlite is a new ceramic material enriched with zirconium grit and destined to renew the ceramic decoration and applicability. Kerlite, only 3mm thick, comes from the same family of raw materials utilized for the production of normal ceramic tiles: clays, caolins and feldspars; the revolutionary productive process has innovative pressing, decorating and firing machinery.

Dimensions of the Kerlite tiles are 4,9x100cm, 40x100cm and 100x300cm. Kerlite comes in two different ranges: Colors with 6 variations and Buxy with 4 variations. Advantages of Kerlite are:
– lower weight makes manoeuvrability easy
– the ceramic nature makes Kerlite absolutely non-reactive to fire
– very resistant to stains: dirt, even paint, can be removed with water or specific detergents
– normal (hand) tools can be used for sawing, cutting and drilling

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