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The use of natural materials in the immediate human living environment improves living quality and has no direct adverse effects on the environment.

Natural fibres of plant and animal origin offer comfort and are pleasant to the touch. They are a more sustainable and healthier alternative to synthetic polymer fibres as they are electrostatically neutral, airy, naturally elastic, durable, renewable, and biodegradable.

At KO-SI, they use only the best natural fibres from renewable sources and turn them into high-quality products tailored to customers’ and users’ needs. Each carefully selected raw material gives fibres with unique properties that affect the distinguishing characteristics of the final product.

All KO-SI natural-fibre pads are available in sheets or rolls in various thicknesses and dimensions.

Coir (coconut fibre) is an ideal component in the living environment. The fibres, located in a fleshy sheath between the solid inner shell and the outer sheath of the coconut, are of natural origin, electrostatically neutral, hypoallergenic, and do not irritate the mucous membranes, skin, and respiratory tract.

Coir contains enclosed air cells that give the fibres excellent insulating ability and resistance to mold and moisture. As it does not burden the environment, coir is an excellent alternative to synthetic polymer fibres.

Sisal pads are an ideal padding material for objects subjected to frequent heavier loads.

Sisal fibres are solid, have a lovely sheen, and are creamy-white or light yellowish in color. Sisal fibres are an excellent moisture regulator and have the highest elongation value among natural plant fibres. They are very durable, so they provide strength and support to the final product.

The natural antistatic properties of sisal fibres contribute to greater comfort and well-being, which prevents discomfort often present with synthetic fibre products.

Lyocell fibres define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort. Regenerated cellulose fibres of botanic origin are known for their softness and environmentally responsible production process.

Lyocell is very soft yet durable and strong. It is gentle on the skin, breathable, and a good moisture regulator.

Due to the unique physical properties of the fibre, lyocell is a great padding material for products, where good thermo-physiological properties of textiles are required. As they are hypoallergenic, lyocell fibres are especially suitable for people with allergies or sensitive mucous membranes.

Sheep wool is widespread natural material in the human environment. Its curly structure gives it a lot of airiness and softness. Because of its natural elasticity, it returns to its original state after pressure.

KO-SI wool pads are soft and an outstanding heat and moisture regulators. The material warms in winter and provides a pleasant feeling in summer, as it absorbs up to 35% water of its weight while still being dry to the touch.

Because wool is naturally antistatic and absorbs unpleasant odours, KO-SI wool pads are an excellent top layer in any mattress or upholstered furniture. As a biodegradable, non-toxic, and excellent thermoregulatory material, wool is also an excellent mulch for vegetables or a component in building insulation.

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