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KoskiPly Birch is flexible, strong, cross-banded thin plywood, made from thin birch veneers throughout and faced with a joint-free birch veneer. It can be bent to many different shapes making it extremely suitable for applications such as lamps and pieces of furniture which require structural integrity, bending strength and flexibility.

KoskiPly Birch surface is natural, light and smooth which makes it a perfect choice for design applications demanding a beautiful aesthetic. KoskiPly birch thin plywood’s surface can be left in its natural state to show the beautiful appearance of the Finnish birch veneer or it can be finished with lacquer, wax or stain like any other wood surface.

KoskiFlex thin plywood is made with thin plywood’s veneers, which are glued with a special adhesive to make it both strong and flexible. KoskiFlex has a beautiful, satin, joint free birch veneer surface. It can be used to produce printed invitation cards, business cards or labels. The light veneer surface allows vivid colors to stand out. KoskiFlex product range starts from 0,4mm thick thin plywood structure.

 KoskiPly Color is cross-banded birch plywood, with dyed birch reconstituted veneers. KoskiPly Color dyed veneers will create a unique surface, which reflects light and colour in an unparalleled way. Surface can be treated using wax, oil and lacquers which will create an extra nuance for the color. KoskiPly Color is suitable for gift items, jewelry, interior design and for laser cut items. You can choose from ten natural standard colors that will give you unprecedented freedom of choice to create beautiful end-products of your own liking.

KoskiPly Hardwood cross-banded birch plywood, with a special wood surface. The surface can be teak, ash, oak walnut or beech. KoskiPly Hardwood is suitable for gift items, jewelry, interior design and for laser cut items.

KoskiPly CLW is unbelievably strong compressed laminated wood made with thin birch veneers. It is easy to machine and it can be used for sport equipment, molds, wear discs and other technically demanding applications. KoskiPly CLW can be produced up to 40mm panel thickness.

Koskisen’s thin plywood and veneer products are made from strong and high-quality birch log which is procured from certified and sustainable managed forests in Finland. Ultra-low resin content and safe resins ensure that the products are safe to machine and cut. They can be used with packed food, residences and work spaces. Our plywood fulfils the requirements according to EN-71-3 safety requirements for toys.

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