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LayRed 55 is the engineered click vinyl floor collection from IVC: stronger than ever, with a soft feel and silent acoustics, engineered to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstances. A premium floor with a touch of red, that is up for every challenge.

The strong and silent flooring solution

  • With its integrated underlay it reduces sound transmission by up to 22dB ΔLw
  • Contains 30% recycled content and no ortho-phthalate
  • Engineered for high traffic conditions: retail stores, student housing, apartment buildings and hotels
  • Superfast and flawless installation – even on uneven surfaces
  • Perfect for refurbishments and new buildings
  • High performing and great looking

The LayRed 55 technology
LayRed 55, engineered click, is the result of two years of extensive research and engineering by IVC’s Centre of Excellence for vinyl flooring.

Fully developed, designed and produced in a new state-of-the art factory in Belgium. LayRed 55 is a patented, multi-layered, high-end engineered vinyl floor that combines strength, comfort, design & performance.

A function for every layer.

Looking good and getting the job done without compromises.  Perfectly suited for high-traffic commercial applications.

Focussing on well-being: its acoustic layer and integrated underlay reduce walking and transmission sound with 22dB ΔLw.

It’s non telegraphic core means that LayRed 55 requires no levelling preparation and can bridge gaps and uneven subfloors easily.

Awardwinning LayRed 55
The engineered click vinyl solution, LayRed 55, won a Red Dot Award, an Iconic Design Award and a German Design Award. This rigid flooring features an integrated sound-reducing underlay beneath a high-performance vinyl wear layer. Sustainability is a key pillar in judgement.

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