Leek paper

Isaac Monté

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Cleaning leeks is the main source of waste within the harvesting process. The waste is currently being used as fertiliser, but this is more of a solution to get rid of the waste rather than a fertiliser technique itself.

Organic vegetables have to be packed individually, in order to explain where the produce comes from, its nutritional value and prevent contamination with non-organic vegetables. Nowadays, vegetables are commonly packed in a biodegradable transparent plastic and consumers are often not aware that this packaging can be placed with organic waste, nor is it explained on the packaging itself. As a result, this organic packaging ends up with regular plastic waste and does not decompose.

Because it is possible to make paper from any organic material, the leek waste can be used to do so as well. That paper can then be used to wrap vegetables in paper made from the waste streams of their own production. The packaging would also be the perfect medium to explain the story behind organic vegetables.

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