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Anke Neumann

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Light paper is paper with integrated optical fibres. The paper itself is made according to European and Asian craftsmanship traditions, made from flax (linnen) or kozo fibres (raffia of an Asian mulberry tree). From these fibres, paper pulp is made, which is put in a mould on top of a sieve. The optical fibres are integrated during the process of paper production, so that they are enclosed by the paper and thus held in the finished surface. The paper is then dried on the sieve, creating a smooth surface.

The optical fibers are fed by the high-light LEDs, which are integrated in compact light projectors with silent cooling technology. They range from small 3-Watt devices for subtle lighting effects, to LED projectors (comparable in light intensity and light colour with a 100W halogen flood lamp), to colour projectors that allow light shows. The projectors are compatible with a variety of lighting and media control systems, such as DMX, DALI or AMX. By a touch on the touchpad brightness and colour may be adjusted or lighting scenarios can be programmed.

The paper does not yellow since no wood materials are used with a high lignin content. Minimal changes of whiteness over the years, however, are due to the naturalness of the material and do not represent any loss of quality.

The material can be used as light emitting wallpaper, or to create objects such as lamps and artworks. Paper can be made moisture repellent on request, which can withstand the use of a damp cloth for light stains and minor impurities. Wall coverings can also be created from “wipe-clean” paper-like material, which is recommened in wet areas as well as in locations of bigger mechanical load. The paper can be installed with flame retardant (fire class B1 according to DIN 4102) on request.

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