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Glass is a beautiful building material. However, glass architecture has a large share in the CO2 emissions of the built environment. This is the main reason that more regulation is being introduced to reduce the use of glass in buildings.

Therefore Wellsun has developed the Lumiduct. The Lumiduct enables beautiful glass façades to cut the energy use of glass buildings in half, enabling architects to create beautiful glass architecture which is sustainable and comfortable as well.

The Lumiduct is an elegant solution for making buildings more sustainable and livable. Being the most effective solution when it comes to energy generation in combination with solar shading, the Lumiduct has the potential to reduce the energy consumption in the built environment significantly. The energy producing, transparent solar shading makes it possible to create full glass facades that generate more energy than a façade covered with conventional silicon solar panels. The Lumiduct is commercially more attractive than alternative sustainability measures because of its appealing esthetics and additional media functionalities.

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