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Matude Laudescher Linea


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Matude Linea® wall and ceiling panels are easily and quickly placed through a modular demountable system. Available in different wood types, such as pine, oak, douglas or red cedar. The panels are mounted on a back-structure with screws, after mounting one continuous wall is reached.

Matude Linea® ceiling panels are placed in a T24 suspended ceiling construction. Because the panels are tightly mounted together they constitute one continuous ceiling, while the individual panels stay dismountable apart from each other.

Available in standard sizes or according to your specific request in custom made sizes.

Cradle to Cradle Certified
The whole collection Matude Linea® is Cradle to Cradle certified (Bronze). This approach defines and promotes the development of upcyclable products, which means that, unlike conventional recycling, it maintains the quality of raw materials throughout the multiple life cycles of the product and its components.

Specific Matude Linea® panels are standard fire-retardant (Fire-class B) and for Belgium also available with the fire stability report NBN 713-020 30min. fire-stable).

Sound absorption

All the different types are tested in a reverberation room and acoustic reports are available. By placement of a standard black mineral wool tile at the back, a sound absorption in Class A is possible (depending on the type and mounting).

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