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If you are looking for the latest innovation in open design facades, get to know MD Formatura from Metadecor. With this you can create the most controversial facade for your project. A sun-resistant facade that lets you play with shapes, light and shadow.

3D-effect in the facade
An exciting play of light and shadow with a facade of MD Formatura. MD Formatura consists of metal panels in which a pattern is punched. The pattern can be a square, round, triangle, hexagon or shapes of your own design that get a nice 3D-effect through the conversion. This allows you to catch light, cast shadow or create depth in your facade. With the conversions you can also create an image on the entire facade. You have all the design freedom to create a unique facade for your project, but you can also apply it inside as interior cladding.

Regulate daylight
You can control the entry of sunlight, which allows you to regulate the indoor climate of a building. Because of the different conversions, it can slow down wind and control the entry of daylight. In places where shade is needed, the facade is less open than in places where daylight is needed. Depending on the sun path over the building, Metadecor adjusts the figures to the most favorable position. It is best to use a different type of coating to limit reflection inwards.

Within the possibilities of MD Formatura Metadecor develops three types of patterns. In type 1 the pattern consists of an equal shape and conversion. With type 2 it consists of the same shape, but different conversions are possible. With type 3 you can apply different shapes and conversions. The many possibilities allow you to create a facade with a unique character.

Different materials
You can apply MD Formatura in aluminum, corten, copper, stainless steel, brass and magnelis. What you can choose best depends on the climate and environment of the project and the appearance of the facade that you want to pursue. In general, aluminum is chosen. This material is light and maintenance-friendly with a long lifespan. It is also 100% recyclable and recycling requires relatively little energy.

Surface treatments
You can choose between powder coating or anodizing your MD Formatura facade cladding of aluminum. All conceivable colours are possible with powder coats. You can choose for a standard coating that requires some maintenance or a durable coating that requires no maintenance. Anodizing makes aluminum even more beautiful, because anodizing builds up a layer in the aluminum and is not a layer on top of it like powder coating. The metal aspect is therefore better preserved. In terms of colours, you can choose from a certain colour palette. The sublimation and printing of the MD Formatura panels is also possible.

Fixing the facade
Ultimately, a facade must also be installed. Metadecor has visible and invisible fastening systems. With MD Formatura they usually use an invisible fastening, as this further enhances the appearance of the facade. When realizing the facade, Metadecor can also help with the realization of the insulation, the auxiliary construction, the facade lighting or acoustic parts.

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