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Creating authenticity with the new decorative range of Unilin Panels
Thanks to the original colours and surface finishes in the new Unilin Evola collection, you can turn your creative ideas into wonderful realities. Inspired by the latest trends, the collection offers you enormous creative freedom. The in-house developed designs and surface finishes look and feel authentic, but also meet the current hygienic needs.

Hygienic materials are indispensable
In today’s interior design world, easy-to-clean and hygienic surfaces are indispensable. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on your creativity thanks to the wide range of Unilin Panels products. Melamine boards are easy to maintain and are resistant to intensive use. Hygienic solutions are not boring! And fortunately, melamine boards – in addition to easy cleaning – also have other advantages to offer.

With the decorative and durable board material from the Unilin Evola collection, you can leave your mark on every interior project. This collection of innovative products for interior design not only looks beautiful and lifelike, it also feels really authentic. Perfection is in the details after all. By working with realistic embossed structures and different levels of gloss for the finish, Unilin Panels developed the most harmonious and lifelike designs ever. Completely in-house.

Furthermore, you can add the perfect finish to tables, shelves or other interior solutions with a Unilin edging tape in the same color as your melamine chipboard.

Inspiration for the new decorative range
To create the new decorative range, Unilin Panels looked out for the most important new trends, with a particular eye for the ones that are likely to be around for a few years. Although trends are following each other at increasingly short intervals – and Unilin taps into that with regular updates – they want to develop a stable collection, inspired by real life and yet designed to last for a number of years. Ann De Blanck, Product Manager at Unilin Panels: “Finding inspiration means being open to influences from everywhere. There is nothing scientific about it and we often follow a strong gut instinct to pull together a contemporary collection that is 100% Unilin Evola. After that, our input is passed to our R&D department, who look for the appropriate answers for our analyses and suggestions.”

Decors and structures developed in-house
And that is done with an awful lot of skill. The team experiments and tries things out by hand, day in and day out. For example, when the ‘reclaimed trend’ was all the rage, Unilin Panels created a decor with cracks in the panel. They did that using a drum that they threw nails and screws into; as the drum turned, the nails and screws made scratches in the decor. Yet another conscious choice and essential if you want to bring unique products to the market.

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