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mFLOR 25-05 Abstract


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In flooring, Mflor sees a growing trend towards:

  • retro designs for that popular vintage look & feel on the floor
  • hybrid designs; combining hard flooring with some form of textile look

Therefore, Mflor is happy to present the new mFLOR 25-05 Abstract tiles to you. This collection combines the trends mentioned above into a unique, vintage cross-over design. Available in the popular big size of 91.44 x 45.72 cm (just like mFLOR 25-05 Nuance) and in 6 striking colours. The tiles have a total thickness of 2.5mm and a strong wear layer of 0.55mm, making the collection suitable for intensive commercial use.

mFLOR 25-05 Abstract (91.44 x 45.72 cm)

  • 53121 Chocolate Black
  • 53122 Blast Bronze
  • 53124 Asp Grey
  • 53125 Coffee Brown
  • 53126 Downton Brown
  • 53127 Spark Almond

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