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Mindow is an elegant and slim window system designed for the minimalist. A unique combination of materials together with smart technological design, this system also very strong and offers excellent energy conservation. Mindow additionally offers design freedom thanks to its extensive applicability. A variety of colours, powder-coated or anodized is possible, even bi-colour combinations.

During the process of developing this slim frame system, Mindow returned to the essence of a window frame – namely glass held in a frame and attached to a building structure. To do this, they removed what is superfluous to the frame. What remains is a slim aluminium inner and outer profile connected by an insulator.

Despite its slim profile, Mindow offers high performance in terms of conserving energy. In housing, increasing attention is given to good insulation with the energy consumption of an average home expected to fall drastically in the near future. The Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) is therefore playing an increasingly important role. Because of the demand for energy-efficient homes, it is important to include the EPC in all aspects of home construction. When a house’s facades and glazing are very well insulated, the window frame becomes the most problematic in terms of heat leakage. Mindow’s window profile has been specifically developed to reduce this heat leakage within its super slim profile.

Furthermore, typical passive design window frames rely on extra thick insulating chambers to achieve the required thermal break. This extra thickness results in frames that reduce the view. With its minimalist profile, Mindow can accommodate triple glazing with a very good insulation value, while at the same time, opening up the façade to maximize daylight and views.

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