Momi and Yanagi Lokta Paper

United States

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Momi and Yanagi Lokta papers are heavy, textured papers handmade in Nepal. The papers are made from the fibrous bark of the Daphne Cannabina which grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas. Lokta paper is strong and impervious to insects.
Momi Lokta papers are hand-dyed and hand-crinkled, which strengthens the paper. The resulting texture resembles a bird’s-eye view of a mountain landscape. Yanagi Lokta is also crinkled, and then resist-dyed using vegetable dyes. The dyed pattern and texture is the same on both sides. The papers are handmade and subject to variation in color and thickness.
The Momi paper is available in six colors, sheet size 18 x 26 inches with a weight of 60g/m2. The Yanagi paper is available in three colors, sheet size 20 x 26 inches with a weight of 60g/m2.

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