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This textile is developed to support the wearer’s active lifestyle, delivering functional benefits like movement, compression and cushioning.

Movement: The elasticity and design pattern act as a second skin by stretching and bending with the body.

Compression: The elasticity can also offer compression. This can support to:

  • Increase muscle awareness and motivation to move
  • Enhance blood and oxygen circulation
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce the time for muscles to repair themselves
  • Stabilize joints and help reduce injuries

Cushioning:  The loft of the textile leads to cushioning. This offers:

  • Padding – for example in footwear or gloves
  • Protection in cases of impact, like falls or collisions

The gradient pattern of this swatch is built in from both a horizontal and a vertical perspective to create different levels of cushioning, engineered movement and a visual dynamic.

The yarns and fibers selected are: TENCEL, Merino from Südwolle, Polypropylene and Lycra, offering (in addition to the functions described above) moisture-management, thermal comfort and soft touch.

  • Liquids are transported away from the body to the surface where they can evaporate.
  • The yarns offer thermal insulation, meaning they deliver warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer
  • The yarns are fine offering a soft and comforting touch

The knitting technology applied is the industrial seamless knitting machinery from Santoni Shanghai.

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