ND 600 Drainage Systems series


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ND 600 series Drainage Systems: the powerhouses amongst the drainage systems
Nophadrain has developed a special ND 600 Drainage System series for trafficable roof surfaces. The separate layers – filter, drainage and protection layer- of the ND Drainage Systems are glued together and are supplied on rolls.

A special monofilament woven filter geotextile – robust and versatile
All drainage systems of the ND 600 series are equipped with a monofilament filter fabric as a filter layer. This geotextile combines a high puncture resistance with a very good minimum elongation, which can withstand the forces arising from static and dynamic loads. This is also important during installation, because the filter geotextile also withstands the stress caused by mechanical or dynamic compression of the sub-base layer by means of a vibratory plate. In this way the filter fabric won’t be punctured and the drainage layer remains free of filling materials.

The drainage layer – a strong core makes the difference
By combining different compressive strengths and core features, with or without diffusion holes, you can determine the performance of the core. The high compressive strengths of the different cores of 900 and 1,200 kPa, make the ND 600 serie Drainage Systems suitable for load classes N1 – N3. Even under 10% deformation the cores keep a compressive strength of 800 and 1,000 kPa, which still makes them fit for the job.

The protective layer – for the wellbeing of the waterproofing membrane
To protect the waterproofing membrane against damages in the best way, it must be protected from the action of force from both dynamic loads and shear loads. A pressure dividing slip film or a vapour-permeable geotextile is glued to the core as a protection layer. The installation of a second protective, separating and slip layer is required. For this reason, all Nophadrain systems for trafficable applications (load classes N1 to N3, depending on the chosen system structure), use either a ND TGF-20 Separation and Slip Film or a ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet in combination with the ND 600 serie.

Benefits in an overview

Very robust: the special monofilament filter geotextile makes it possible to install the sub-base layer or laying course directly on the drainage system.

Fit for purpose: the filter geotextile has been specially developed for the application and for stresses during installation e.g. sub-base layers that have to be compacted by using a vibratory plate.

Extremely strong: with compressive strengths of 900 or 1,200 kPa (depending on product choice) designed for maximum stress and constant drainage performance.

Efficient: the 3-in-1 design as a sandwich element on a roll allows a quick and easy installation.

Tested in the system: you can request a test report from us about the functionality and stability of the system under dynamic loads. The Technical University of Munich (DE) conducted this practical study.

Durable: despite the high efficiency, the use of plastics and energy consumption is reduced to the optimum due to the low construction height.

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