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Net Effect


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The Net Effect collection is an example of how beautiful design goes beyond the product to the story behind it. The collection is inspired both by the ocean’s life-giving power and its struggle: marine life and habitats are endangered by discarded fishing nets, acidification, over-fishing, pollution and climate change.

The Net Effect product collection provides a subtle visual reminder of the sea on its surface, with a design reminiscent of swirling currents. Created by David Oakey, owner of David Oakey Designs, an exclusive designer for Interface, the collection of six modular carpet tile options embraces sustainability in construction and concept.

Net Effect contains 100 percent recycled content yarn. The yarn is made from various sources including commercial fishing nets and, shortly, abandoned fishing nets collected by local fishermen in the Philippines via the Net-Works project. In this way, the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities can be reduced. At the same time a viable waste stream has been found to feed the company’s ambitious post-consumer nylon recycling goals.

Net Effect’s three 50 cm square tiles – comprising a neutral ground, transition tile and textural accent – evoke the sea with a texture that references the moment when waves wash over land. The three tiles can be combined to create design elements including continuous transitions, borders and inset area rugs. The square tiles’ organic forms pair beautifully with three 25 cm x 1 m Skinny Plank styles that capture the fluidity of water and convey the expanding and contracting rhythms of the tides with more linear patterns. The square and plank tiles’ shared coastal colour palette of two blues and six neutrals was drawn from the depths of the ocean, and the sun-and-salt-bleached wood and stone found on shore.

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