norament 926 satura


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The new norament 926 satura rubber floor covering satisfies the wishes of architects and building users.

Nothing sets the tone for a room’s atmosphere as much as its colours: they awaken emotions, create or intensify moods, stimulate or have a calming effect. With high colour saturation, the norament 926 satura rubber floor covering from nora systems helps planners to realise individual room concepts. The impression of pure, clear colour and the two worlds of colour – neutral architectural colours together with chromatic accentuating colours – opens up a huge number of creative possibilities for every desired spatial effect.

Architects from all over the world were involved in the development of norament 926 satura. The aim was to create a product that offers made-to-measure solutions and to give customers a whole spectrum of new creative possibilities.

The new floor covering creates unique light reflections with its saturated colours and discreet mill scale surface. The norament 926 satura brings colour into every room and the brighter shades in particular create an open, vibrant atmosphere, while the dark tones look especially elegant.

Elegant tone-in-tone design

The vitality of the norament 926 satura surface arises from the tone-in-tone play of colours of the granules, which stand out minimally from the base colour, due to their brightness. Another attractive design element is the mill scale surface with its handcrafted look. As a whole, the floor gives norament 926 satura a monochromatic look, creating a high-quality, elegant appearance and giving the room visual depth.

A range of 32 colours is available for norament 926 satura. The spectrum of the 16 neutral architectural colours ranges from a warm beige through to cool shades of grey. They harmoniously fit into the room and enter into an elegant union with other building elements like the wall or ceiling. The 16 chromatic accentuating colours are colour pairs and offer inspiration for vibrant, colour-oriented interior design. All the colour shades in the range are mutually harmonised and can be perfectly combined both among themselves, as well as with the 32 standard colours available with norament 926 grano.

Broad spectrum of applications 

The all-rounder norament 926 satura demonstrates its strengths in all applications. From the healthcare sector through to education, industry or public construction: any sized room can be designed with discreet or strong colours using norament 926 satura. As with all nora rubber floor coverings, this new product has an uncoated and extremely hard-wearing, easy to clean surface, so its premium appearance is kept even when exposed to extreme conditions.

To allow the creation of cohesive room concepts, norament 926 satura is also available as stair treads in three different widths and twelve colours. This product is part of the certified floor covering system, nora system blue. That means nora systems assures the best quality for indoor air hygiene and promotes the development of building concepts for healthy living.


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