Norament 926 Serra


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The rubber floor covering, norament 926 serra sustainably meets the increased demands on indoor floor coverings in the areas of modern architecture and construction. Maintaining all product properties and quality characteristics, norament 926 serra is the consequent further development of the product norament 925 serra.

With identical look and in the up-to-date 20 standard colours, norament 926 serra offers everything you might expect from norament 925 serra, supplemented by the following additional properties:

Low-emission in accordance with the requirements of the “AgBB evaluation plan” and at the same time of RAL-UZ 120 for resilient floor coverings. The floor covering thus meets the criteria of the eco-label “Blue Angel”.

Improved ergonomic behaviour thanks to higher resilience
Safe in fire-toxicological terms complying with DIN 53 436
Resists most oils and greases.
Art. 926 serra/3016
1004 mm x 502 mm
nora profile connection dimension: E+U

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