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The softly wavy grain of the fine veneer collection Nuces, cut into evenly thin strips of the American walnut log, originates from the handcrafted process of carved veneers and woods. Combining the different colour tones of the log in geometric or figurative patterns creates special effects with a particularly high-quality and luxurious appearance. This full-fledged appearance of the black walnut creates a unique experience of solid wood. Straight or quarter-sawn strips are joined next to each other and assembled into decorative veneer panels with a contemporary design.

Each veneer is unique
Every tree is different so every veneer product has a unique appearance. The same tree can never be found twice in nature. This also means that the colour and pattern can vary within the same wood species. After all, veneer is real wood and not an imitation like laminate or melamine. The latter are both imitations of wood on paper.

Edge finishing
The edges of the veneered sheet material are edged with specially selected matching edge veneer. A special material mix with an enormously versatile scope in application. Unique and in a personal way materialized.

Sustainable raw material
Wood veneer is the finest expression of wood. Veneer is a thin layer of wood which is cut from a log. The main difference with solid wood is that solid wood is sawn from a log. This produces more waste than when cutting wood veneer. In other words, processing a log into veneer lets us maximize the added value that we can obtain from a log. No other natural product is able to offer this unique added value.

Wood veneer applications
Wood veneer is mainly used for interior decoration applications in many different segments. It’s ideal for residential projects, hotel projects, offices and many more.

5 veneer specials
Blok Plaatmateriaal offers a range of special American walnut veneer. Check out for more inspiration.

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